With PulseStar®, there’s no need for switch wiring and that means $1,000s or $10,000s in savings in labor and materials. Ingenious design and pre-configuring at the factory make PulseStar installations amazingly fast and easy. For instance, in most cases, an old gymnasium lighting system can be removed and a PulseStar System installed in its place overnight.

Servicing PulseStar is simple, too. Fixtures can be taken down and replaced by one person literally in seconds.

PulseStar controls are straightforward and intuitive. No software or computer is required – so no specialist or expensive service contracts are needed. The controls can be mounted anywhere in the building or carried around as remotes… or both. They are wireless and they never need batteries because they generate the power they need to send their remote control signal each time the switch button is pushed.

PulseStar has designed every aspect of its operation to deliver high quality performance at a low cost:

  • No need for switch wiring results in $1,000s or $10,000s in savings in labor and materials.
  • We invented… we designed… and we make… our own fixtures and patented controls.
  • PulseStar sells directly to its Clients – no distribution mark-up.
  • Zero-down financing is available; payments are usually lower than the monthly savings in electricity.
  • PulseStar qualifies for tax incentives and rebates that can further reduce the cost of installation.